Groundswell Roasters | Vancouver, Canada 

This weeks blog is coming back to our home base of Vancouver, British Columbia. 

We were lucky enough to receive an award winning organic espresso from Groundswell Roasters, a small-batch  roaster with a mission to give youth the chance to create a better future by working In the business, learning skills in coffee and microbusiness.  

They are open for tours and tastings by appointment only. If you’re a Vancouver local, make sure to check in during Dine Out as they offer cupping and tasting sessions with a tour of their Roastery!

They are located at 566 Powell St Vancouver. 

We received the “Organic Espresso“, a blend of beans sourced from Colombia and the Congo roasted to a medium finish. The tasting notes on their site source chocolate, peaches and citrus. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this roast. For me there were more notes of citrus 🍊 than anything, yet it remained well balanced and not too acidic. Usually I’m not a fan of “citrusy” roasts but I found this more mellow than most. 

I enjoyed this roast freshly ground in espresso format. I did not use the beans to make any mixed drinks during my tests. 

This particular roast won a silver medal in the Compak golden bean 2016 competition! Definitely worthy. 

This is a must try on our list. You won’t be disappointed. These guys also have a few others roasts to savour, including: 

Direct Trade medium roast – filter (cordillera) 

Organic medium roast – filter (lake kivu) 

Swiss water decaf 

Visit their site at 

And follow them on Instagram @groundswellroasters 

Until next time! 


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