Matchstick Coffee | 639 E 15 Ave


Today we stopped by Matchstick’s original location at Kingsway and Fraser for a quick to-go cup as we walked our pup! The location opened in 2012 in the strip along McAuley Park. The original, Kingsway location is also home to the roastery! Open everyday from 7AM-9PM.

Other places to check out in the strip include the new Osteria Savio Volpe, a highly recommended Italian restaurant.

There are a couple of newer Matchstick locations as well:

Chinatown – 213 E Georgia St

Riley Park – 4807 Main St



This location (Kingsway) is also where we roast all of our coffee, 5 kilos at a time, on our beautiful Giesen roaster


The atmosphere is definitely appealing at this location. It was bright, clean, functional with a little festive touch for the holidays. There is definitely enough space for a group of friends to grab a drink together at the communal table, or for the solo caffeine junky to come take a seat with a macbook and get some work done.


Like most trendy cafes we have seen around Vancouver, there is a rustic charm mixed with a little bit of industrial design. Poured cement floors, hints of metal and furniture from years gone by.


Today, as per usual I ordered a cappuccino and Rachel ordered a latte, made with house-made nut milk. Originally we were wanting to order a soy-vanilla latte but were made aware that they only had chocolate syrup and home-made nut milk.



The cup branding is awesome!



Overall I was really pleased with how smooth the roast was for my cappuccino. I am a really big fan of shops that source and roast their own beans in house. This roast in particular didnt leave a bitter or acidic aftertaste which was nice. I would definitely recommend trying any one of their roasts (you can do so through subscription now!)

Check out the roasts they offer HERE

My personal favorite is the Gatina Espresso

The latte was okay. Not the best and definitely not the worst. If you are looking for more sweet syrup options with flavor you will be hard pressed. They do have honey and agave to sweeten.

Overall, if you are in the Mount Pleasant area and have yet to check out the original Matchstick location, do yourself a favor and stop by. You wont be disappointed. Quality coffee and a nice warm atmosphere can never do you wrong.

You can find them at:

Instagram: @matchstickyvr



Until next time!




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