Trafiq | 4216 Main

Trafiq on Main is a little gem we found when shopping for records one weekend. There’s something about the striped awning that hangs over the front door and the big open windows which offer a clear view of the patrons inside sharing laughter and smiles that has helped to establish this cafe as one of my personal favourites. There’s a very warm feeling when you walk in the door – sort of like you’ve just arrived home.


The decor inside is very endearing. There is ample room for guests to sit and enjoy their time together, and a long counter to best serve customers coming in that are on the go. From the front door, you can see straight through the back door and into the bakery. There are fun little details that have so much character like the large whisks that act as light fixtures over top of the counter and the shelving behind the counters that looks wild and frantic yet meticulously organized.


Today we ordered a soy latte and a house blend. Los Beans, a local roaster in Vancouver is being served here. Sustainable and environmental being their mantras.

Revolutionary practices lead to revolutionary coffee

The latte was exactly what I expected, a velvety taste with an acidic after taste. And it was hot, just as I like it. My favourite thing is when I take my latte outside, walk down the street a couple blocks and take another sip to find it is still as hot as it was for my first sip. Very enjoyable. However, the house blend was nothing to be blown away by.


But what is something to be blown away by, and something that continues to blow me away every time I step in the door is that cake and pastry display. I almost feel like I can’t stop and look at it for too long or I might never make it to ordering anything.

We’re cake people. And we’ve captured the neighborhood’s affection for European-styled cakes sold by the slice and in 6 and 10 inch round sizes.

Today I indulged a little extra and ordered the Schnecken. This sticky sweet bun is a traditional Saturday morning treat in Germany. It was the last on the plate, but it won’t be the last on my plate! Make sure to have it warmed up and grab a couple napkins.


The menu at Trafiq offers more than just coffee and delicious pastries. They serve toasts, eggs, quiches, quesadillas, soups and sandwiches. I’ve yet to stop in for a true bite to eat, but it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be enjoying brunch in the near future.

I’m just waiting for a celebration where I can bring cake so I can place an order and show up with one of the delcious works of arts that great me every time I walk in that door.

There’s even catering available, contact to inquire more about their services.

Trafiq is definitely somewhere you should stop in and check out!

Instagram: @trafiqmain


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