49th Parallel | 2902 Main 

 We took our pup for a stroll down the main drag on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Vancouver in search of a caffeine fix. 

We found ourselves stepping into one of THE staple shops on the west coast, 49th Parallel.  

Everyone knows the shop on Main Street. You’re greeted by a wave of people, exposed brick, dark wood and the smell of fresh doughnuts and great coffee. 

Our Mount Pleasant Vancouver location opened in June of 2012. We’ve got a patio that gets a lot of afternoon sun in the summer, and Lucky’s Doughnuts made on site. 

I stayed strong and held back from ordering one of the many doughnuts on offer. 

We ordered:

– 12 oz. Soy vanilla latte 

– 12 oz. Regular Latte 

We also picked up a freshly ground bag of their new holiday espresso beans, which we have yet to try (stay tuned for a review!) 

I love the branding on both their to-stay and to-go cups. Something about the Teal with the dark wood and brick. 

The regular latte was excellent, as to be expected. The roast was classic 49th Parallel with a full flavour and acidic finish. 

The soy vanilla latte was rich and smooth. It was sweet but the strong espresso flavour still stood out. It’s velvety and delicious. The soy really makes the biggest difference in this drink. 

The community table with Luckys doughnuts in the background. Watch the doughnuts get made fresh!


It goes without saying, 49th Parallel is a regular must visit, especially the main location. Take a seat at the community table or in one of the comfy chairs by their fireplace. The patio is also a great place to sit and have a cup during the warmer months. 

You can learn more about their Roastery and how they source their beans at their website. Www.49thParallel.com 

Instagram: @49th

Stay tuned for our review of their holiday Espresso! 


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