Pallet Coffee Roasters | 1398 Kingsway 

Today was the grand opening of Pallet Coffee Roasters’ new location at 1398 Kingsway and we just had to stop by first thing as we live so close. 

I love the vibe of this new locale. It was quiet when we decided to stop in for our morning caffeine fix around 745am, just 45 minutes after it officially opened its doors. 

Cool light fixtures, pallets adorning the back wall, light coloured wood furniture (a nice change from all the dark, varnished interiors we’ve been seeing) and fun seating options welcomed us. 

The touches of red are also awesome and brighten up the space. 

As per usual, we ordered a cappuccino and a soy latte. 

The soy latte was creamy and the roast was well balanced. Bold yet bright with very little bitterness. Smooth all around. The presentation was awesome in their black cups. Definitely recommend trying the soy latte. 


The cappuccino was one of the best I’ve had in a while. Traditional and awesome. A perfect pick me up at the beginning of the day. 

I really enjoyed the Espresso roast they used, full bodied and bold. 

Some cool industrial light fixtures 

You can even stock up on some of the essentials. Chemex, v60, aeropress and stock up on some of the amazing roasts they have in house. 

Learn more about their coffee at 

Make sure to check them out on Instagram @palletcoffee

This new location is a must visit and I’m sure it’ll be bumping in no time. 

Until next time


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