Black Stripe Coffee | Vegreville, Alberta

A couple of days ago we were lucky enough to receive a couple of bags of espresso from Black Stripe Coffee, a new micro-batch roaster that’s popped up in Vegreville, Alberta! 

The packaging is spot on, though I wish I got a little more details about the roast and origin on the package. 

I came to learn the beans sourced from this particular batch came from Central America, South America and Asia. 

This combo of beans gave the roast a bold, full slightly nutty scent, and the taste matched. 

I got the beans in the grinder and was quick to prepare a cup while the roast was fresh. 

Enjoying the roast in its truest form 

The flavour was unlike most of the local roasts I’ve tried. It ended up being on the more mellow side, which was a nice change of pace. Non acidic with a bold, earthy flavour. Something that anyone not in the “coffee scene” could enjoy day in and day out. 

I also used the beans for a couple Americanos, lattes and machiatos throughout the work week. 

They’ve also recently invested in a new Aillo bullet roaster for batches to come. 

I’m excited to watch these guys develop and see what types of roasts they produce in the near future. 

I would give this espresso a 3.5/5

Definitely worth trying! 

Head over to their Facebook page

Or catch them on Instagram


Until Next Time! 


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