The Kettle Black PEI 

This week we were graciously sent a package from our friends at The Kettle Black PEI. We were surprised to find an amazing mug (definitely one of our faves) and a medium roast, with origins from Colombia and Nicaragua. 

They are located in Charlottetown, PEI at 45 Queen street! Another Canadian gem!

Opening the bag was very pleasant. The aroma of was unlike any other roast I’ve encountered (in a good way). Notes of chocolate and cinnamon were present for me and an overall sweet smell. 

We used the trusty grinder to get the beans prepped for the Chemex and enjoyed the roast black. 

I must say, this is one of my favourite roasts from the past several months. It is a perfect medium that can be enjoyed daily. There are sweet notes, as mentioned above and a smooth, mildly acidic finish. 

We learned that The Kettle Black PEI recently hired a new roaster! Kudos to him!  

I would give this 4.5/5! 

You can also check them out on Instagram 



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