Seattle Coffee Works | Seattle Space Blend Espresso

This week we were lucky to receive some amazing beans from our Pacific Northwest neighbours, Seattle Coffee Works

Two locations in Washington state! 

107 Pike Street, Seattle 

2060 NW Market St, Ballard, WA (Ballard Coffee Works)

You can also order coffee at home with their subscription service!


They sent us over their award winning “Seattle Space Blend” which you can read a little bit more about on their blog

They chose to name the roast the Seattle Space Blend to honour the city’s openness to the world 🌎. 


This particular espresso is a blend of direct-trade Guatemala (53%), Natural Ethiopia (34%) and a hint of Sumatra (13%). This particular blend also received a score of 93 points in The Coffee Review. 

The packaging indicates notes of milk chocolate, key lime and mixed berry. 

We were extremely excited to try this blend. Since they roast and sell their beans within 7 days we knew we were In for a very bright, fresh espresso. 

After grinding the beans to our liking we made a couple of different drinks. 

1) straight espresso 

2) soy latte 

The aroma and taste: 

I really enjoyed this “punchy” roast. 

Having my espresso I could pull out some of the notes they suggested on the packaging. 

Having roots from Guatemala and Ethiopia provided that aromatic and almost floral note while the Sumatra added an extra kick of a lasting, berry flavour. The finish was smooth, acidic and lasting. 

On my pallete I couldn’t sense much of the milk chocolate, but that could just be me. 

We also enjoyed this roast in latte form! 

I highly reccomend giving this one a try. 

At $14.95 for a 12oz bag of award winning espresso, you really can’t go wrong. 

Check out their online store

Find them on Instagram as well 


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