2nd Crack Coffee Co | Orlando, FL

We were sent a couple of bags last week from our friends at 2nd Crack Coffee Company to test out, and boy are we glad they did! I found my new favourite drip roast! 

2nd Crack Coffee Company is located in Orlando, FL, USA 🇺🇸! They are an artisan coffee roasting company, specializing in sourcing the freshest beans, imported to the port of Miami from South and Central America. They promise to roast and send out their coffee within 72 hours. 

As a formerly trained chef with a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales and Florida International University, our owner and head roaster has the expertise to bring out the complex flavors of each and every coffee blend.

They sent us one bag of the Medium roast Colombia and one bag of the dark roast Cubeano to try. 

I kind of enjoyed the packaging with hand stamped heart/ badass shark 🦈. I would have also liked some of the tasting notes included on their packaging as well. 

1) Colombian Medium Roast (3/5)

This Medium roast was an average roast, having a tone downed, mellow and ripe taste. I am more partial to dark roasts which is why I probably was a little harsher on this roast. Overall not the worst. Not the best. 

2) “CuBeano” Dark Roast (4.5/5) 

Wow. This roast really impressed me. The beans had my favorite aroma of dried fruits (cherry was noted) with taste to match. The flavour was bold without having the acidic aftertaste that I’ve come to know in many roasts. I really enjoyed how smooth and full this roast was. It sure did make for a great cup of drip. 

I prepared both of these roasts in drip format, using the Chemex and tried them black. 

Definitely give the CuBeano a try! 

You can also find them on Instagram at 


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