7 Coffee Roasters | Seattle, WA

7 Coffee Roasters sent us a couple bags of coffee to test out and we’ve been enjoying them for the past week! 

Established in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, they’ve been roasting fresh coffee daily and serving it in their market and cafe. They are located at 2007 NE Ravenna Blvd in Seattle and are open 7AM-8PM daily. 

Like a lot of other established Roasters they offer a nice subscription service and roast to order if you’re in the mood for a great cup of coffee from home! 

They sent us:

1) The Bitch Blend (Sumatra/Ethiopia) 

I enjoyed this roast pour-over style. 

It definitely lives up to its name as a tart/acidic roast. I have to admit I am not a big fan of fruity and acidic roasts so this wasn’t one of my all time favorites but it definitely packs a punch 🤛 that anyone could use for those tough Monday mornings. 

2) Espresso Huli Blend -$14.50 (Sumatra/Brazil/Ethiopia/Uganda) 

The Huli Blend, on the other hand is one of my favourite espressos of late. I absolutely love the more earthy notes in a good espresso and this delivers. Big fan of brazillian sourced beans with that subtle note of dark chocolate. Grinding the beans fresh left a very pleasant aroma where the notes of cedar were picked up. This blend is super balanced and smooth and is definitely worth picking up.  

I have been enjoying this both straight up espresso and using it for my morning capuccinos. 

Head on over to the 7 Coffee Roasters site to learn more about their variety of roasts offered and definitely consider stopping by if you’re in Seattle. 

Also check them out on Instagram 


Until next time! 

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