Lanikai Coffee | Honolulu, Hawaii 

We received a couple of awesome roasts from our friends in Honolulu county, Hawaii a couple of weeks ago for our first Hawaiian coffee experience, and it didn’t disappoint! 

Lanikai Coffee, residing on 23 HOOLAI street in Honolulu County, Hawaii is a relatively new roaster boasting some exclusive barrel-finished Hawaiian roasts. 

Being relatively new they do not have a website up and running but can be found on Facebook and Instagram. 

Their packaging is spot on. Classic hand stamped exterior with a personal touch of hand written details of each exclusive barrel-finished roast. Vacuum sealed to keep the roast fresh for as long as possible. 

We were sent 

1) limited edition 003 – Tequila barrel-finish. With notes of chocolate 🍫. 

2) limited edition 004 – Bourban barrel-finish. With notes of lemon peel. 

We ground each roast and had pour-over with the Chemex. As instructed we had limited edition 003 with a splash of milk to enhance and bring out the earth, chocolate notes. This was my favourite of the two roasts. 

Limited edition 004 was very good as well, a little more bright with some citrusy notes. I prefer my coffee more bold and earthy, but I would be happy having this roast every day. 

Mahalo! Each set of beans was paired with the barrel type to obtain a certain flavor profile. This Bourbon blend was modeled after the “Penicillin” cocktail. The Penicillin is smokey scotch with citrus, ginger, and honey. I think we definitely got an excellent blend of smoke and citrus. Cheers!! ☕️🌈🙌💯

These guys are the real deal…and SUPER friendly. 

If you’re interested in giving their roasts a try contact them via Facebook or Instagram @lanikaicoffee! 

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