Basted Baker | Sechelt, BC

Basted Baker Bistro and Espresso Bar is serving up more than just great coffee on the Sunshine Coast. 

Sitting in the heart of Sechelt, British Columbia, the Basted Baker is promising to always change the game. 

What if everyday opened with new inspiration? If every week offered the prospect of a transformative experience; a blazingly original and irreverent mash up of tastes….

Take one look at their Instagram page @Basted_Baker and you will be wanting to travel for the eats alone. They serve up fresh baked goods, wicked sandwiches and even brunch. 

Now, let’s talk coffee! 

Basted Baker proudly serves Pallet Coffee Roasters beans, an expanding Cafe and roastery on the mainland. 

With our close relationship to our Kraft Roaster “Pallet Coffee”, we learn and are promised the most premium product on the market to manipulate into amazing elixir for your cup.

Prices are also more than reasonable, and the drinks look amazing. 

The interior follows the same concept as many of today’s best coffee houses, dark varnished wood, hints of industrial design, the odd Edison bulb and a cozy environment. 

Take a trip out to Sechelt and get to know the people behind Basted Baker Bistro and Espresso Bar! Take a seat and enjoy some of the wests best beans on the Sunshine Coast. 


Instagram: Basted_Baker 


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