“The Gord” Single Origin Espresso by I Luv Coffee

We were lucky enough to be sent a bag of beans from Jordan at I Luv Coffee last week to test out!

We received a bag of single origin espresso aptly named “The Gord” after Jordan’s father. 

The dynamic duo, out of Windsor, Ontario have started a father-son Roastery to be proud of! 

Their currently available roasts include:

– Papa New Guinea 

– Colombian Lucero

– Costa Rica Tarrazu 

– Ethiopian Yergacheffe

– Kenya AA

And the Signature Espresso

On to the review of “The Gord”…

Epic branding ☕

The packaging and branding are top notch! As soon as we received the package you could smell the distinct smell of some amazing espresso beans. 

Into the grinder they went, the final product was one of the better espressos I’ve encountered in the past while. 

I could pick up a chocolatey flavour which was very distinct. The flavour is bold, just the way we like it, With a finish as smooth as butter. 

Do yourself a favour and head over to www.iluvcoffee.ca and pick up a bag of their signature espresso.  

I would rate this roast 4/5. 

“The Gord – the man, the myth, the Gord”

Catch them on Instagram 


Until next time…


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