Bold Bean Coffee Roasters | Jacksonville, Florida

It’s been a few days, but we’re back! 

This time we’re reviewing two different roasts from our friends at Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, stationed across Jacksonville, Florida! 

They currently have 4 locations (this included their Roastery). 

They were kind enough to send us two single origin roasts! 

1) Finca Firefly | sourced from Ecuador (From $16 USD) 

2) El Patachorrera | sourced from Colombia (From $16 USD) 

I really enjoy the stories they provide on their packaging and website.  

Each roast not only comes with its origin, but also gives the name of the farmer and his/her farm as well as details of the climate (meters above sea level) and tasting notes! It really brings you closer to the production of the beautiful beans they provide.  

We source for clarity, sweetness and uniqueness, and roast to highlight these characteristics 

My favourite of the 2 roasts was definitely “Finca Firefly” I was definitely able to pick up the notes of vanilla and a sugary sweetness. The taste was very clean with an acidic finish. I really enjoyed this particular roast. A definite must try. 

We ground the beans and prepared them in pourover format using a Chemex and sampled each roast black. 

The “El Patachorrera” was also good, but my second favourite of the pair. For me the roast was a little too on the acidic and bright side. I tend to enjoy more full body, mellow darks. I did, however enjoy the initial citrusy flavour that I picked up. 

You can visit their website, which includes a shop with subscription service and a blog section at

Check them out on Instagram as well 

Until next time!  

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