Two Sparrows Roasting Co. | White Crown Whiskey Coffee 

Today will be the first of two blogs covering some roasts from Two Sparrows Roasting Co. 

We were graciously sent a package from the guys at Two Sparrows, including their very special “White Crown Single Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee”

Established in 2015 and residing in Texas, they are already supplying roasts to several local shops in Texas and one In Oklahoma!

They also are advocates for community and charity!

“Along with local organizations that we team up with, we feel led to contribute to organizations that help end human trafficking.” 

The “White Crown Single Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee” was nothing short of unique! It can be found on their website for $32.

From the time we received the roast we could smell the whiskey emanating from the awesome packaging. 

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect with this roast but I was pleasantly surprised.

I would like to state beforehand that for me, this coffee is best savoured in the evening, after dinner or on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s definitely not an everyday coffee. 

The taste was a bold combination of rich and bold coffee with strong afternotes or whiskey, actually reminiscent of holiday morning baileys and coffee or a nice Spanish coffee after tapas, without the alcohol. 

It’s a roast that’s been sold out on their site for quite some time, so people definitely like it!

I would recommend staying in the loop with these guys so you can pick up a bag for yourself in the near future! 

Head to their website 

And follow them on Instagram 


stay tuned for part 2 where we review something more tame from two Sparrows!

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